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    Tags should be used by every blogger for their regular posts or published articles on blogger sites. Adding tags allows us to be easily indexed by Google and rank higher in search results. In the previous article, we talked about how to add Meta tags to your Blogger site. Now I'll show you how to add Meta tags to Blogger posts.

In Blogger, there are two ways to add tags to each post. Those are shown below, and you can choose which one feels better and is easier to use. Most bloggers would like to use the search description box that Blogger provides by default for each blogger post. We don't have access to put keywords for each post in this method, but we can add search description that was crawled by Google as Meta description.

How to Insert Metatags into Blogger Posts

  • Log in to Blogger and select New Post.
  • The search description tab can be found on the right side menu.
  • Click on Search Description and enter the description of your blogger post. Google will use it as or crawl it as Meta Description.
  • The same is true for the blogger pages.

Other Method

  • Visit blogger.
  • Navigate to template>>edit html.
  • By pressing the ctrl+f keyboard shortcut, you can search the code.
  • You must place the following tags beneath that code.
<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

<meta content='Write-Description Here' name='description'/>
<meta content='Write-Keywords Here' name='keywords'/>

You must change the Page URL, Description, and Keywords. You can add this like how many pages are left in blogger to put tags so Google will crawl as tags for respected pages by providing the page url in every tag.