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Background Information My Personal Thoughts about the MV and the Song

I think the music video is very creative and inspiring.

The music video for "I'll Be There" by Big Bang is very creative and it has a lot of different story lines going on. The MV starts out with a desert scene where you see an Arab man walking around in his traditional clothing, then it cuts to scenes of the band members singing on top of a mountain, and finally ending with scenes of the band playing in front of sand dunes.

It is obvious that the MV has been edited in a way that shows how people from all walks of life can live together in harmony while still retaining their own culture.

- BTS and the Concept of Permission to Dance's Music Video

"The storyline of the video revolves around a girl who is prohibited from dancing and is given an offer to ‘dance for one day’. The offer is accepted, and the protagonist is given two options: either she will be able to dance in her own world or she will dance in the world of a robot."

Permission to Dance was released on August 9th, 2018. This song has gained a lot of attention because it was BTS's first comeback after their album Love Yourself: Tear. In this song, BTS addresses topics such as hope, love, and loss. They also address the issue of mental illnesses such as depression through the lyrics and video content.

What's So Special about this MV?

This MV is special for its use of facial recognition to make you feel more connected to the song.

The MV has a strong connection with the lyrics. Tears are shown through facial recognition and there are close ups of tear drops throughout the video. The lyrics are about a broken relationship and this is reflected in the scenes where it appears that both people from the relationship are crying.

The camera view changes between third person, first person and close ups of different parts of the body. You can see tears on someone’s face while they sing or tears running down someone’s arm as they watch something on their phone, or even just a small close up of someone’s eye with their eyelashes fluttering down as they blink at you.