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It's finally here. The first episode is out, and it's not disappointing.

You must have been waiting impatiently for the release of season 2 and its first episode, "Rise of the Titans". I can't wait to see what the rest has in store for us, but I'll give you a synopsis of this episode without any spoilers.

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Synopsis Introduction/ Summary

Summaries are usually a paragraph-long synopsis of the story that can be used to recap a book or movie.

Summaries are typically written from the perspective of a character in the story. They can be either written as if they were telling their own story, or as if they were narrating it to another character in the story.

A summary is not necessarily an entire retelling of the plot. It should just provide enough information for readers to understand what happened and decide whether or not they want to read it for themselves.

Ender's Game-esque Ecosystem??

There are many parallels to Ender’s Game, like an invasion by an alien species.

In Ender’s Game, humans are defending themselves from the Formics. But in this case, the Formics are actually a benevolent species and they have come to help Earthlings resolve their problems.

So it's basically an ecosystem where there is a need for both parties (the humans and the Formics) in order for it to function properly.

Plot Developments - What You Need To Know!

One of the most exciting aspects of reading a novel is the anticipation of what may happen next. This is one thing that makes novels addicting and enjoyable to read.

While the plot development stages are not an exact science, there are some general guidelines that will help you understand where your favorite novel is headed.

New Plot Twists Revealed!

Plot twists are a common literary device used by authors to create suspense. They are used to keep the reader guessing, and to keep them engaged with the story.

A plot twist can be anything from a major event in the story that completely changes its course, to something as simple as someone's name being revealed.

Conclusion: Overall Thoughts on Trollhunters Season 2 Episode 1 Rise of the Titans

When we left off, Jim and his friends were trying to get away from the Trollhunter’s house. In this episode, we see them running out of the house and into a car with a whirling sky.

In this episode, we also see how much of an impact Toby is having on Jim. Previously, it seemed like he was just there to be a troll. Now he is taking over Jim's life more and more. It will be interesting to see how much Toby will change in future episodes. I am excited for the rest of this series!