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Unite is the newest Pokemon game for iOS and Android. Unite is available now, and features all 718 Pokemon. Trainers can battle their way through a new world, level up, and catch 'em all!

How to Get the Latest Pokemon App on Your Phone

In this article, we will show you how to download Pokemon GO on your phone in no time.

If you have an iPhone, then your first step is to visit the App Store and search for "Pokemon GO". If you have an Android device, it would be better if you visit Google Play and search for "Pokemon GO". The app is free but in-app purchases are available. You can also purchase a Poke Ball Plus controller with the game.

What Does Unite Have in Store for You?

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All the Tips and Tricks to Know from Day 1

1. Learn about Legendary Pokemon from Mew to Arceus

The first generation of Pokemon games introduced 151 unique Pokemon, including Mew.

Mew is a Psychic-type Legendary Pokémon that was created by a scientist called Dr Fuji. Mew was created when he mixed the DNA of several other Pokémon together and added his own to make it more powerful. It has the DNA of animals, plants, and everything else in the world.

The first generation of Pokemon games introduced 151 unique Pokemon, including Mew.

2. Prepare before you start playing! Here are some tips for beginners pokemon unite

Before you start playing Pokemon Unite, there are a few things that you should do.

-Download the game: You have to download the game first before you can play it.

-Connect with friends and other players: Connecting with other players will help you more easily complete missions and progress in the game.

-Play through all three difficulties (easy, medium, hard): Don't just start attacking your way through a level or mission without understanding what is going on! You will end up being overwhelmed and frustrated.

To download pokemon unite go step by step

1) Open up the app

2) Click on the Pokeball at the bottom

3) Hit the Pokemon League button

4) Go to the Shop

5) Hit the blue box that says "Download"

Please note, this is not a step by step guide to follow.